New Year, New Job?

The chime of the clock at midnight on New Year’s Eve often signals the need for a fresh start.

Most of us will use 31st December as a line in the sand and a point at which to call for change in our lives for the year ahead.

Change comes in many different forms but perhaps the most significant change that anyone can make is a change in job.

We spend the majority of our time at work, so we all want to be happy and fulfilled in the workplace.

Therefore, I wanted to talk a little bit about looking for a new job in the New Year and some key considerations for jobseekers to consider.

Exciting stuff! But be careful, you need to get it right.


Having some time away from the workplace and being able to spend some time with friends and family gives us time to reflect.

Let your hair down, have some fun and indulge yourself.

But, should you be considering a career move, set aside some time in this period to prepare yourself for a thorough job search.

The process of securing your next role can be time consuming. It’s important to consider the full process involved in finding a new job so here goes.

How to land a new job next year?

  1. Update your CV & Linkedin. Make sure your CV and Linkedin profile (potential employers will look) it is up to date and accurate with no spelling mistakes. Get someone to check it over for you.
  2. Register with a recruitment agency. Recruitment consultants are the best place to start. We can start you off in the right direction and we are entirely free but don’t register with every agency under the sun. Pick carefully.
  3. Arrange to meet your consultant. The time invested in meeting your consultant is invaluable. By doing so you will give yourself the best opportunity to represented in the market as you deserve. Without meeting, 90% of the time it doesn’t work.
  4. Online and offline job search & networking. Get active and see what opportunities are being advertised and highlight some jobs you like the look of. Re-connect with some old friends or colleagues that may be able to help. Get some meetings in the diary, coffees or drinks.
  5. Make suitable job applications. Between you and your recruiter ensure that applications are well prepared.
  6. Interviews. Some employers may insist on at least 2 if not 3 interviews over the course of a couple of weeks. Be careful not to overload yourself. 3 interview processes with separate firms is more than enough to handle.
  7. Notice period. Be mindful of your notice period, check it in your contract of employment. Typically, your notice will be around 1 month but longer notice periods are increasingly more common.

Against the clock

Many hiring managers will use this time of year, like you, to plan their recruitment strategy for the year ahead.

Quite often there are a lot of new roles available in January and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity that’s right for you so get yourself well prepared.

If you’re aiming to start the New Year with a career change, get in touch with Honey Badger Recruitment. We can help you to kick-start your job search in the right way.