Honey Badger

the new beast on the block in the world of Accountancy recruitment

We are proud to announce the launch of Honey Badger Recruitment.

About us

Here at Honey badger we focus exclusively on partnering with professionals in accountancy practice and insolvency and restructuring firms.

Our aim is to provide a fresh and modern approach to accountancy recruitment in traditional markets. We provide helpful advice and give our customers a responsive, transparent, flexible and effective experience.

We believe that the best way to serve our customers is to build professional and personable relationships. This creates a relaxed environment for everyone and means we can deliver a service to be proud of.

What’s our thing

Simply, recruitment for jobs in accountancy practice and insolvency and restructuring.

How we go about doing it

We know that we are recruiting in markets that are unbelievably short of good professionals with relevant skills in high demand.

Knowing this we work closely with our professional jobseekers we are proactive and creative in our approach. We take individuals to market, leaving no stone unturned. Our work is only complete when we find our professionals a job that they are happy with.

For our employers who are looking to recruit staff we provide honest advice and commit to work tirelessly in order to introduce people that are right for the business.

Oh…. and the name

In a crowded marketplace we knew we had to be different.

For too long recruitment specialists have been named after the company’s founding partners. Common names could include ‘Bloggs & Joe Consulting’ or ‘Joe & Bloggs Partners’ or ‘Bloggs Joe’ or ‘Bloggs & Bloggs Ltd’, for example.

We thought that this had become a little sterile and boring and there was absolutely room for a new kind of player!

So being different, and starting with the name, we settled on Honey Badger Recruitment, named after the cult hero of the wilderness itself, the Honey Badger. There really is no other animal in the animal kingdom that sums up ‘different’ quite like the Honey Badger.

A relatively small player in terms of size but an animal that holds its own amongst larger friend and foe. It goes about its business in a determined and dedicated way geared towards survival and success. It’s courageous in its approach and shows a level of¬†intelligence and creativity matched only by a select few other creatures on the planet.

All characteristics that we thought would serve us well not only as a small business but as as new recruitment agency in a wildly competitive marketplace.

That’s why we are Honey Badger Recruitment.

What next

If you are a professional or an employer in accountancy or insolvency and restructuring and like the sound of us and what we do, we are dying to hear from you and can’t wait to help.

So please do check us out and get in touch!

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